08/15/2010 11:30


16th May in Prague, spoke Black Eyed Peas. their show was incredibly full of energy, came prez 16,000 people all of the mixed age categories. as an opening act the Black Eyed Peas singer Cheryl Cole invited the shine in every possible way and sounded not only here but her hits such as Fireflies from Owl City.

At the beginning of the concert was a feeling O2 Arena voltage of people waiting for the Black Eyed Peas. And finally it was here ...
... Arena resounded with booming voices while their last album (one can hear at the beginning of their opening song on the album - Boom Boom Pow) The End (Energy Never Dies). Then followed a DJ and Cheryl Cole. Black Eyed Peas, people waited about nine hours.
They started the song "Let's Get It Started" from the album Monkey Business.
Each of the singers had solo performances. Fergie also sang his hit "Big Girls do not Cry" and others robot suit your mixer showed various disco hits, taboo flew over the audience on a motorcycle and APL demonstrated excellent performance in break dancing.

At the end of the concert, fans bid farewell to the Black Eyed Peas song "Where is the Love?" and heart made of hands. Super Concert