Welcome to my new web site that specializes in my favorite musical group Black Eyed Peas.

Official website for the Black Eyed Peas is www.BlackEyedPeas.com

The Black Eyed peas
The Black Eyed Peas is currently the most popular band in the world. Its foundations date back to 1992 when they met Apl.de.ap and Will.i.am, they wanted to make similar music - hip-hop mixed with jazz. From the beginning, they wasn´t The Black Eyed Peas, but Atban Klann. It was Will.i.am, Apl.de.ap, Taboo and Eazy-E who later died of AIDS. Fergie went to group in 2003. After that, they made album Elephunk.


Group members now:

Fergie (Ann Stacy Ferguson)

Will.i.am (William Adams)

Taboo (Jaime Luis Gómez)

Apl.de.ap (Allan Pineda Lindo)



Their albums:



2010 - The Beginning
2009 - The E.N.D.
2005 - Monkey Business
2003 - Elephunk
2000 - Bridging the Gap
1998 - Behind the Front